The ES-01 Cardiac Exercise Test System is suitable for children, adolescents (6-16 years) and adult patients.

ECG waves are displayed and stored via a Bluetooth connection.

Automatic ambulatory evaluation can be generated and printed from the stored waves at the end of the scan, and high quality ECG analysis can be performed (ECG averaged, QT, QTv, QTd).

The system is fitted with medically certified treadmills and bicycles (ERGO-FIT and LODE) to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

Ergospirometry is provided by CORTEX’s high quality system.

Blood pressure during movement is measured by a device which is specially designed by the company.



  • It controls non- invasive blood pressure measurement during exercise (validated up to 9 km/hour) on treadmill/bicycle from a continuous program via Bluetooth data transmission which is adaptable to the load steps.
  • It is configurable from software up to 10 chest leads with Bluetooth ECG wave transmission. Guaranteed noise-free (mechanical, electrical) wave mapping on treadmill up to 12 km/h.
  • Online trend calculation is provided from 12 leads and lists optionally, furthermore it can be displayed in 2, 4 and 8 windows. Trends can be displayed based on 6 amplitudes (e.g., P, Q, R mV) and 11 times (e.g., HR, QT, RR, ST, QRS ms) assigned to the load steps.
  • Arithmetic abnormalities are continuously and automatically monitored and detected. Furthermore, alarming are based on this selecting (Visual/Sound, Or both at the same time) which are pre- programmed limits. Determination of lesions is based on RR interval and QRS morphology. The software provides the ‘Default’ values for these definitions. These values and their setting conditions can be adjusted freely.
  • Standard- load protocols can be selected from the list (e.g. Bruce, Cooper, etc.). The primary curve cycles associated with the steps of the protocols are automatically saved. Furthermore, the load index of the tested patient can be calculated and continuously monitored online.
  • Based on the stored curve cycles (at the end / after the test) an automatic report can be performed as a load step, based on the selection of leads (max. 12 leads).
  • Offline high level cardiac analysis can be performed from the stored primary cycles, (e.g. ECG averaged time/amplitude parameters, QTRR/HR as a function, QTvariability, QTdispersion).