The CA-12 measurement and evaluation system provides a comprehensive assessment of the cardiovascular status of the examined patient. It allows making immediate medical report, online data transfer, and evaluating more automated blood pressure values and ECG waves than usual. (HR, HRSD, RR, Pdur. PR, QRS, QT, QTcb, HRV, QT dispersion, QT variability).

Tests can also be performed at the assistant level qualification. The online automatically evaluated data can be printed in medical report format.



  • General features: Patient Registration, Selection of leads (3, 6, 12, or per leads), Speed of the primary curve cycle visualisations (from 2.5mm / sec – 200mm / sec in 7 stages), Cycles strengthening (5mm/mV – 50mm/mV in 4 stages) are available via icons and drop-down menus.
  • Online quick evaluation account: Automatic recording in every 10, 20, 60 seconds, data evaluation (HR, HRSD, RR, Pdur. PR, QRS, QT, QTc) medical report print out. The evaluated data and the associated primary cycles are automatically stored for the patient ID. The stored information can be transmitted electronically, and the primary curve cycles can be loaded offline for high-level evaluation by the built-in Database Management Software (default).
  • The measuring and evaluating system can be optionally expanded: with cardiac autonomic neuropathic (CAN) hardware / software and Resting Pressure Gauge (NIBP) option.
  • Offline high level evaluation account:
  • ECG per cycle / averaged (from an arbitrary cycle) automatic time / amplitude evaluation, from the selected leads with scrolling designation (eg. RR (ms), HR (bpm), P duration (ms), PP (ms), ST segment (ms), ST interval (ms), PR interval (ms), QRS (ms), QT (ms), QTcb (ms), QTcf (ms), QTcv (ms), T-Te (ms).
  • ECG → QT automatic evaluation from any designated cycle as a function of RR / HR. Furthermore, determination of QT → QTv variability from a minimum of 32 cycles.
  • ECG →QT dispersion determination from one cycle of 12 leads.
  • ECG → HRv (heart rate variability) automatic time and rate based determination with masking cycle search basis.


  • The system can be used effectively in children, adolescents and adults. Data and primary curve cycles can be transmitted electronically linked to the patient ID. Tests can be performed at the assistant level qualification.
  • Cardiology clinics, outpatient clinics.
  • Cardiac load tests.
  • Diabetology clinics, outpatient clinics.
  • Rehabilitation centres.
  • General Practitioners.
  • References: Heim Pál National Paediatric Institute, University of Szeged Department of Internal Medicine, Semmelweis University Departments of Internal Medicine and Oncology, Roy Academic Directorate of Diabetes & Endocrinology University of Sheffield, Wörwag Pharma (Hungary, Romania, Baltics), Royal Prince Alfred Hospital University of Sydney.